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"Pathway Learning represents a quantum leap in theological learning by distance."
– Dr. John Frame


Join church leaders from more than 50 countries and 300 denominations who have taken this training.

For decades, the concepts in these videos have shaped the lives and ministries of thousands of church planters and leaders worldwide through seminary courses, conferences, and seminars.

But most church leaders around the world still lack the training and tools to start and develop churches that transform lives and have a lasting impact on their communities.

Using an innovative online and onsite platform, we can now bring affordable, practical, seminary-level courses to students where they live, in their language, and adapted to their culture.

We are launching pilot beta courses in 2017 for under-served church leaders in South Asia, Western Europe, North America, and West Africa. And we are looking for partners to help us bring this solution to more than a million church leaders in the next ten years.

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What are some benefits of Pathway Learning?

9 Ways Our Courses Are Unique:

Practical Focus
Receive not only biblical and theological education but also practical education that equips you for effective ministry.
Proven Methods
Experience proven teaching methods so you'll learn better and faster with less passive listening to lectures and more active learning.
Culture Customization
Customize and adapt the curriculum not only to your language, but also to your unique culture where you live and serve.
White Label
Use your own brand (white-label) and even add your own educational resources to maximize the impact on your students.
Blended Learning
Experience a blend of online and onsite learning in groups, led by facilitators, using both formal and non-formal learning methods.

Measurable Competencies
Measure not only your knowledge, but also the development of your character and skills needed for success in ministry.

Verified Certificates
Earn certificates that verify your achievements in seminary-level education for greater ministry impact.
Degree Credit
Take courses that meet the academic standards required by seminaries for accredited degree programs.
Lifelong Learning
Access your courses, not just when you're preparing for ministry, but also throughout your lifetime.

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