WHAT is our mission?

Our mission is to help under-served church leaders develop churches that transform lives and communities. We’re providing innovative online courses to help under-served church leaders receive a practical, seminary-level education wherever they live and serve.

WHY are we committed to our mission? 

For most aspiring church leaders around the world, a high quality, seminary-level education is out of reach. They lack the training and tools to develop churches that transform lives and have a lasting impact on their communities. Using an innovative online platform, we can now bring affordable, practical, seminary-level courses to students where they live, in their language, and adapted to their culture. This year we’re launching pilot courses for under-served church leaders in Asia, North America, and West Africa. And we’re looking for partners to help us bring this solution to more than a million church leaders in the next ten years.

WHAT makes our courses different from most online courses?

  • Practical Focus:  Our courses focus not only on biblical and theological education but also practical education that equips students for effective ministry and lifelong learning.
  • Proven Methods:  Our courses are based on proven teaching methods so students learn better and faster with less passive listening to long lectures and more active learning.
  • Cultural Customization:  Our courses are customizable to adapt the curriculum not only to the student’s language, but also to their unique culture and needs.
  • Blended Learning:  Our courses blend online and onsite learning in cohort groups, led by certified facilitators, using both formal and non-formal learning methods.
  • Measurable Competencies:  Our courses measure not only a student’s knowledge, but also the character and skills needed for success in ministry verified by certificates.